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12 Healthcare Data Visionaries You Should Follow on LinkedIn

Healthcare industry CIOs must navigate a transforming industry environment demanding the sophisticated use of IT to achieve cost, outcome and consumer experience objectives.

One way to start down this road is to take the time to listen to healthcare business intelligence experts across the board.

To help you in this first step, we have put together a list of 12 of the top healthcare IT pros on LinkedIn. We put a special focus on those who are leveraging data analytics and putting business intelligence into practice within the healthcare sector.

Michael Archuleta

Mt. San Rafael Hospital in Colorado has become known as a leader in leveraging technology to enhance both patient outcomes and provider KPIs.

This is thanks in large part to Michael Archuleta. After becoming director of IT in 2012, Archuleta created the hospital’s data center, complete with visualization and business intelligence insights.

For all of this, Becker’s Hospital Review recognized Archuleta as one of the top healthcare CIOs to know in 2018. For more insight, check out a recent interview with Archuleta on how the health organization is using technology to improve clinical efficiency.

Brad Copeland 

Qlik Vice President of Enterprise Sales West & Healthcare Brad Copeland is no stranger to business intelligence.

Heading up enterprise sales and national healthcare practices for the data analytics company, Copeland is focused on transforming the analytics economy with HIT in mind. While his primary role is as a sales leader, Copeland has a vested interest in the fast-growing universe of healthcare business intelligence.

For more on Copeland’s work, check out Qlik data scientist Dalton Ruer’s take on how he consistently dreams about the capacity and future of big data. 

Igor K.

Igor K. is a self-described physician turned data scientist, “passionate about improving healthcare via translational research, data science, machine learning, predictive analytics and informatics.”

He currently works as a Medical Informatics Fellow at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He also cofounded the biomedical research analytics and informatics company Brainformatika. The R&D startup focuses on developing data-driven solutions for healthcare practices, particularly using big data in the form large, open-access datasets. 

John Moore

One of the core components of business intelligence is to translate data insights into real-world operations. This is precisely what John Moore does as the director of operations for Chilmark Research.

Chilmark is a data analytics firm within the healthcare vertical, digging into everything from clinical analytics to patient engagement. Moore has hands-on business intelligence experience, beginning as a client research analyst for Chilmark after developing his own app for physician-patient communication and metrics tracking for chronic illnesses.

Mike Biselli

A health-tech entrepreneur and speaker, MIke Biselli brings the big picture to big data in healthcare.

Biselli is CEO at Firepoint Studios, which focuses on building value in healthcare practices using data analytics, and president at Catalyst HTI, an organization designed to bring together major players in the healthcare industry.

Biselli’s goal is to bridge the gap between both big and small health systems, healthcare practices and business intelligence strategies.

Kyle Murphy, Ph.D. 

Heading up content for Xtelligent Media, Dr. Kyle Murphy spends his days curating the most important trends and ideas in the EHR and healthcare business intelligence spaces.

As the senior director of editorial, Dr. Murphy consistently writes up content related to technology and healthcare. For instance, in a recent article for RevCycleIntelligence, Dr. Murphy wrote how independent practices are increasingly turning to consultants (rather than hospitals) as they begin the transition to value-based care. This unique insight is critical as smaller clinics explore ways to shift to alternative payment models.  

James Steckel 

Senior consultant of business intelligence Integration at Banner Health, James Steckel has spent over a decade working with business intelligence solutions. With this experience, plus a background in software architecture, Steckel can develop, design, implement, train and manage business intelligence solutions for a variety of organizations.

Check out his article on the Importance of Business Intelligence for Healthcare for more insight. 

Blackford Middleton, MD

Currently serving as the chief informatics and innovation officer for Apervita, Inc, Dr. Blackford Middleton has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare information technology solutions. 

In his current role, Dr. Middleton helps Apervita’s clients get the most out of their healthcare data and analytics. He also serves on the steering committee for the patient-centered Clinical Decision Support Learning Network, which focuses on leveraging patient-generated health data for better outcomes.

To get a better idea of the types of problems Dr. Middleton overcomes, check out the article he co-authored for Becker’s Hospital Review on why you need to know about clinical quality language in healthcare data.

Mandi Bishop

Mandi Bishop is a healthcare industry analyst and data evangelist, primarily via her role as the research director for Gartner. With years of experience, Bishop often gets into the weeds of how health practices can take advantage of disruptive technologies to improve efficiency and care.

For example, Bishop writes in a recent article that payer-side CIOs “must get proactive and leapfrog current performance by focusing on prospective payment integrity capabilities.” Insight like this is backed up by the range of her other activities, from Social Media Ambassador for HIMSS and co-host of a podcast for the American Journal of Managed Care

Dr. Bertalan Mesko

A keynote speaker and author, Dr. Bertalan Mesko serves as the director of The Medical Futurist Institute. Dr. Mesko founded the MFI to start conversations about how “the old paradigm of the paternalistic model of medicine is transforming into equal partnership between patients and professionals and how it is aided and augmented by disruptive technologies.”

A self-described “geek physician,” Dr. Mesko has been featured in dozens of publications and was included in LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Healthcare in 2017, particularly for his focus on artificial intelligence and digital health. 

For more direct insight, check out the academic article he co-authored on how artificial intelligence could solve the human resource problem in the healthcare industry.

Jens-Jacob Aarup

Jens-Jacob Aarup is the CEO and a partner at Inspari, which focuses on using data and business intelligence to help organizations of all kinds make better operational and strategic decisions. Inspari has been in operation for over a decade with Aarup at the helm.

On LinkedIn and on Twitter, you’ll find insight from the the industry’s conferences and news about what Inspari is doing. For example, the company recently hosted a webinar on data-driven financial management

Aarup also serves as a board member at WON WON, which focuses on the communication element of data solutions.

Susan Ramonat

Chief executive at Spiritus Partners, Susan Ramonat has more than 25 years of experience in technology strategy. Her current focuses include blockchains, analytics and the Internet of Things.

In her role at Spiritus Partners, Ramonat had pioneered “digital service records, analytics and actionable insights to protect patients, improve clinical outcomes and meet compliance obligations in using and maintaining medical devices and equipment.”

Ramonat’s company recently partnered with Napier University in Scotland to explore the benefits of a blockchain-enabled assurance layer for medical devices and technology. Ramonat said that she was inspired by “Scotland’s commitment to find new ways for delivering health and social care with patient safety and cyber security at the forefront.”

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