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Maximizing Data For
Better Decision Making

We believe in better decision making, but we’re also huge nerds. So, when it comes to making better decisions in a healthcare practice, we are passionate about using data to enrich that decision-making process. We do this by constantly improving upon the norm and offering new innovative ways to harness data that allows our clients to increase their efficiency and spend more time focused on their patients. We’re confident that making data driven decisions leads to a happy patient and a healthy practice.


Awesome People

We have a fantastic team of representatives who are enthusiastic about bringing new opportunities and innovation to healthcare.

Awesome Software

Our software was specifically designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals and then built by our incredible team of developers.

Awesome Clients

Data can help any industry, and we chose healthcare because we are proud to be supporting those who are helping others.

Meet The Team

Account Executive
Shane Devine

I am a Connecticut native and bandwagon Panthers fan. Roughly 60% of your body is supposed to be water but at least 60% of mine is coffee at any given time. Lover of breakfast food, dogs, art, House Targaryen and my family – in no particular order.

Market Development Analyst
David Fairgrieve

Some say I'm a traveller, really I’m from Newcastle, England, and played soccer in college. Can’t decide who is my favorite between Tony Stark and House Stark. However, when I am not watching TV, I enjoy eating shredded cheese and long walks on the beach.

Greg Hart

Dad joke enthusiast and certified to be one because I am the father of two incredible daughters, and husband to an amazing wife. CFO and proud big data nerd, this product is my other baby besides my giant polar bear sized dog, Bruno.


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